Accessing Rock Island Arsenal with Style Regular visitors and commuters using the Arsenal Bridge may notice significant differences as of March 18th; its foot is getting an exciting makeover thanks to a collaborative project by the Rock Island Arsenal Department of Public Works and the City of Davenport.

A Modern Twist to Rock Island Arsenal Access

A major feature of this project will be the installation of a roundabout at both entry and exit points of Davenport Bridge in order to improve access onto and off of it, ultimately improving traffic flow and safety measures while offering some temporary inconvenience – access from Davenport will temporarily close beginning March 18th for this upgrade work.

Planning Your Travel

With Rock Island Arsenal closure anticipated until mid-to-late July, travellers must plan accordingly during this period. When exploring alternative routes, it should minimize disruption of commute or visits to Rock Island Arsenal. Stay updated as our partners at the Arsenal work diligently on replacing its outdated traffic setup with a modern roundabout for smoother and safer journeys for all.

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