Safety at crosswalks should always be top of mind for drivers and city officials in Davenport taking proactive measures to address visibility issues at the 2nd & Perry Streets crosswalk.

Davenport Crosswalk Visibility

As part of their solution to address this concern, researchers at UW-Madison are testing an innovative beacon called Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB). Unlike conventional beacons that activate when pedestrians press a button to cross, this beacon uses dynamic signalling technology that activates flashes when pedestrians press to cross, alerting drivers while also increasing awareness among them and prompting them to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

RRFB technology for Pedestrian Crossings

The decision to install an RRFB at this particular site stemmed from an intention to improve pedestrian safety following the removal of an unnecessary traffic signal. City leaders prioritize targeted improvements so resources are directed where needed most.

Though there are currently no plans for expanding RRFB use to additional locations, its expansion cannot be ruled out entirely. City officials may explore expanding RRFB implementation at sites that meet specific criteria – this may include crosswalks not meeting MUTCD traffic signal criteria and locations with four-way stops and only two lanes of travel as potential sites of implementation.

Davenport’s Enhanced pedestrian safety measures

Davenport strives to meet pedestrian safety objectives while taking into account traffic dynamics at each site, using innovative solutions such as the Reverse Road Friction Barrier (RRFB). Through successful integration, this solution may also lead to improvements elsewhere within its city limits.

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