Davenport continues its path toward creating an accessible transportation system with the expansion of the Goose Creek Connector Trail. Starting March 11th, this groundbreaking endeavour involves installing an essential link between Goose Creek and 59th St, near Brady; construction should conclude some time in late March/early April.

Davenport Trail System

Davenport’s Goose Creek Connector Trail will serve a vital purpose in its efforts to develop an inclusive multimodal transportation system. When completed, it will seamlessly incorporate active transportation networks, arterial streets and collector streets that feature bike lanes – connecting many users through one centralized trailhead.

Goose Creek Connector Trail Expansion

Recently, the City extended the Goose Creek Connector Trail from 59th Street to 53rd Street as part of improvements on E 53rd St, creating an important milestone by providing pedestrians and cyclists a safe passage underneath E 53rd St. In the coming year, this corridor should expand all the way towards the Veterans Memorial Multi-Use Trail from here on out.

Multimodal transportation Davenport

2024 will see significant enhancements to the trail system, with rehabilitation planned between 46th and 53rd Streets as well as construction of a new segment between 46th Street and Duck Creek Multi-Use Trail; both developments contribute towards improving overall connectivity and accessibility in the City.

As the Goose Creek Connector Trail develops further, it promises to strengthen Davenport’s transportation infrastructure while offering safe pedestrian and cycling options to both residents and visitors. Stay tuned as developments that make Davenport even more connected and vibrant take shape!

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