Welcome to Quad Cities, where adventure awaits at every turn! January 30 is National Plan Your Vacation Day, and now is an excellent opportunity for planning the vacation of a lifetime. Here, we guide you through its delights so that your plans become a reality in this Midwestern hub!

Discover the Charms of Quad Cities

Nestled along the magnificent Mississippi River, Quad Cities offer an exceptional blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that are worth discovering. Explore vibrant neighbourhoods, historic landmarks, and picturesque landscapes that make Quad Cities such an irresistible travel destination!

Plan Your Perfect Itinerary National Plan Your Vacation Day is all about turning dreams into realities. Create the itinerary of your dreams by exploring all that the Quad Cities offers – be it a history buff, nature lover or art admirer, we guarantee something is waiting here just for you.

Historic Landmarks

Discover Quad City history by exploring landmarks like John Deere Pavilion and Rock Island Arsenal Museum, featuring everything from museums and historic homes, bike paths and stunning Mississippi River views – not forgetting hidden gems such as ghost-related events at Quarters One park with a splash pad for kids as well as active lock & dam and Mississippi River Museum!

Outdoor Adventures

Discover new worlds outside at Quad City Botanical Center or enjoy scenic bike rides along the Mississippi River Trail.

Cultural Delights

Take part in local arts scenes at the Figge Art Museum or attend live performances at Adler Theatre – two cultural highlights in our area!

Explore Culinary Delights No trip would be complete without indulging in local flavours, and Quad Cities offers something deliciously diverse to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Experience iconic Midwest comfort food like Machine Shed as well as cutting-edge culinary creations at Cavort; the Quad Cities boasts a vibrant dining scene sure to leave your tastebuds wanting more.

Locate Your Ideal Accommodation

The Quad Cities boasts an assortment of accommodations from charming bed and breakfasts to modern hotels with riverfront views – find your ideal spot after an exciting day exploring to ensure that your visit remains comfortable throughout your visit!

Make the most of National Plan Your Vacation Day and your National Plan Your Vacation Day celebration by using these insider tips for an effortless travel experience:

Book Early

For optimal savings on accommodation and activities, plan and book in advance. This ensures the lowest costs possible!

Connect With Locals or Visit One of Our Visitor Centers

For unique local insight, join locals or stop in one of our visitor centres and pick up one of our Destination Guides free of charge to explore hidden gems and lesser-known attractions – we would be so delighted to see you! We’re more than excited! We would be more than delighted if we saw you again soon.

We look forward to having you!

Embrace Flexibility

Plan an itinerary that leaves space for flexibility so as to capitalize on unexpected discoveries and maximize unexpected experiences.

As National Plan Your Vacation Day fast approaches, let the excitement of exploring Quad Cities fill your heart. From stunning river views to exceptional cultural offerings, your adventure awaits in this charming Midwest destination – start planning now for unforgettable memories in Quad Cities! Your journey awaits – are you up for it?

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