Five House Democrats, including Representative Angie Craig from Minnesota, have recently joined the call for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race. Their concerns stem from Biden’s performance, particularly highlighted after his recent debate appearance with Donald Trump. Issues like his voice strain, verbal miscues, and declining poll numbers have sparked unease within the Democratic Party. Despite efforts to reassure his supporters, Biden’s defiant post-debate interview has only intensified doubts about his candidacy among Democrats.

Biden 2024 reelection

The pressure on Biden intensified earlier in the week when Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey and Senator Mark Warner of Virginia also expressed doubts about his reelection bid. Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas, the first Democrat to publicly urge Biden to step aside, emphasized the need for a new generation of leaders to take the reins. Doggett, a long-serving member from Austin, Texas, made headlines with his call, citing the importance of preventing a return to Trump’s presidency.

House Democrats call Biden

Representative Raúl Grijalva from Arizona echoed Doggett’s sentiments, urging Biden to prioritize the party’s prospects against Trump by stepping back from the race. Grijalva, known for his progressive stance, underscored the necessity for robust Democratic opposition to Trump’s agenda. Similarly, Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, a former Marine Corps officer, articulated concerns about Biden’s ability to defeat Trump in the upcoming election. Moulton, advocating for new leadership akin to George Washington’s legacy, called on Biden to withdraw from the race, emphasizing the need for fresh faces in the Democratic challenge against Trump.

Seth Moulton urges Biden withdraw

Representative Mike Quigley of Illinois, known for his moderate yet progressive approach, also voiced his opinion after Biden’s interview on ABC News. Quigley, highlighting Biden’s substantial contributions to the country, urged him to secure his legacy by stepping down from the presidential race. Meanwhile, Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota, citing the urgency of the moment in facing Trump, stressed the need for the strongest possible candidate to lead the Democratic charge.

These calls from within the Democratic ranks underscore a critical juncture for Biden’s reelection bid, as party members grapple with strategic considerations and the imperative to present a robust challenge to the Republican opposition.

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