In the upcoming presidential election, the question looms: could Kamala Harris defeat Donald Trump? She’s causing concern among Republican donors, boasts strong name recognition, and is gaining support from heavyweight Democrats.

Kamala Harris 2024 election

According to prominent figures within the Democratic Party, Vice President Kamala Harris would naturally step into President Joe Biden’s shoes if he were to yield to mounting pressure and withdraw from the 2024 race. At 59 years old, Harris, a former senator and California’s attorney general, would make history as the first female U.S. president if she secures the Democratic nomination and triumphs in the November 5 election. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the first African American and Asian American vice president.

Democratic candidate Kamala Harris

Her tenure in the White House, spanning 3-1/2 years, has seen a rocky start marked by turnover among staff and initial policy efforts, like handling Central American migration, that didn’t yield significant successes. Not long ago, insiders at the White House and in Biden’s campaign team privately viewed Harris as a liability. However, Democratic officials now assert that perceptions have shifted as she has taken a more prominent stance on abortion rights and actively courted younger voters.

Donald Trump vs Kamala Harris polls

The Biden-Harris campaign affirmed that Harris is proud to stand as Biden’s running mate and looks forward to continuing to serve by his side for another four years. Polls indicate a mixed outlook for Harris against Trump. While a recent CNN poll shows Trump leading Biden by six percentage points (49% to 43%), Harris trails Trump closely with 47% to his 45%, within the margin of error. Independents favor Harris by 43% to 40% over Trump, and moderate voters across party lines prefer her by a margin of 51% to 39%. Among potential alternatives to Biden, only Michelle Obama polled higher, although she has not shown interest in running.

Vice President Kamala Harris prospects

Internal polling shared by the Biden campaign post-debate suggests Harris has comparable chances to Biden in a matchup against Trump, with 45% of voters favoring her versus 48% for Trump. Influential Democrats such as U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn and others have signaled that Harris could be the optimal candidate if Biden opts out. This sentiment is echoed privately by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries among lawmakers.

Kamala Harris presidential race analysis

Harris’s potential candidacy is taken seriously enough that some Republican donors have expressed a preference for Trump to face Biden rather than her. Some voices on Wall Street, a critical hub for Democratic fundraising, are also indicating a shift in preference, suggesting Harris may offer better odds than Biden in challenging Trump’s lead.

However, Harris faces challenges in public perception, with a majority of Americans viewing her unfavorably, similar to both Biden and Trump, according to Five Thirty-Eight polling. Her approval rating stands at 37.1%, with disapproval at 49.6%.

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