President Biden’s Tribute: Honoring WWI Heroes at Aisne-Marne Cemetery

President Biden Aisne-Marne Cemetery tribute

President Joe Biden wrapped up his trip to France with a significant gesture, paying homage to the American soldiers laid to rest at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial. Situated near Belleau, France, the cemetery holds the remains of over 2,000 soldiers, many of whom bravely fought during World War I, particularly in the battles […]

“Trump’s Surprising U-Turn on Mail-In Voting: What It Means for the 2024 Election

Trump campaign

In a surprising turn of events, Donald Trump and his 2024 presidential campaign team are now throwing their support behind mail-in voting, despite their previous efforts to restrict or eliminate it through various lawsuits and allegations. This shift comes as part of a new Republican strategy to encourage early voting leading up to Election Day. […]

Retiree’s Trash Find Takes Center Stage in Hunter Biden Trial


Unexpected Hero: Retiree’s Trash Hunting Habit Unearths Key Evidence in Hunter Biden Trial! Hunter Biden Trial An unassuming retiree named Edward Banner became an unlikely star witness in the ongoing federal trial of Hunter Biden this week. The 80-year-old resident of Delaware found himself thrust into the national spotlight after his unusual hobby of rummaging […]

Revamping Access: Arsenal Bridge Gets a Roundabout Makeover

Arsenal Bridge Gets a Roundabout Makeover

Accessing Rock Island Arsenal with Style Regular visitors and commuters using the Arsenal Bridge may notice significant differences as of March 18th; its foot is getting an exciting makeover thanks to a collaborative project by the Rock Island Arsenal Department of Public Works and the City of Davenport. A Modern Twist to Rock Island Arsenal […]

Pedestrian Safety: Davenport’s Innovative Solution for Crosswalk Visibility

Pedestrian Safety: Davenport's Innovative Solution for Crosswalk Visibility

Safety at crosswalks should always be top of mind for drivers and city officials in Davenport taking proactive measures to address visibility issues at the 2nd & Perry Streets crosswalk. Davenport Crosswalk Visibility As part of their solution to address this concern, researchers at UW-Madison are testing an innovative beacon called Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon […]

Davenport’s Trailblazing Transformation: Goose Creek Connector Trail Expansion 2024

Goose Creek Connector Trail expansion

Davenport continues its path toward creating an accessible transportation system with the expansion of the Goose Creek Connector Trail. Starting March 11th, this groundbreaking endeavour involves installing an essential link between Goose Creek and 59th St, near Brady; construction should conclude some time in late March/early April. Davenport Trail System Davenport’s Goose Creek Connector Trail […]

Iowa Quad City Overview – Discover Hidden Gems and Local Wonders

Iowa Quad City Overview

Nestled along the Mississippi River, Iowa’s Quad Cities welcome you with historic charm and modern allure. Comprised of five cities – Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline – that together form this vibrant tapestry called Quad Cities; from its industrial heritage to vibrant arts scene, this Midwestern gem holds many experiences waiting to […]

Iowa City: Dive into Adventure with Thrilling Scavenger Hunts!

Tours & Sightseeing of Iowa city

Undertaking an expedition through Iowa City presents more than just beautiful sights; it provides exciting adventures and memorable experiences. Unlock its secrets through fun-filled scavenger hunts, which reveal new gems around this vibrant region! Tours & Sightseeing of Iowa city Discover Iowa City through exhilarating Tours & Sightseeing adventures! Enjoy unforgettable tours that provide unique […]